Non-reciprocal interactions in hydrodynamic media

Left: glide of two dislocations in a crystal with non-reciprocal interactions of angular order n=2. Right: lively polycrystal due to the competition between stabilizing forces and non-reciprocal (n=2) interactions (color = crystal orientation).

Driven systems and active matter

Driven binary mixtureActive Brownian particles
Two models for which we characterized the correlations: a driven binary mixture and an assembly of Active Brownian particles.

Experiment of electrophoretic Janus particles performed during a stay at Takeuchi laboratory, University of Tokyo.

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Single-file systems and exclusion models

Two particles driven in opposite directions in a single-file system. Depending on the strength or the drive they remain at finite distance or separate at large time.

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Glass transition and jamming

Localized low-energy mode
Localized low-energy mode in a packing of spheres above jamming

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