Hydrodynamic fluctuations in driven crystals

Driven crystal
Ongoing project with Denis Bartolo and Marine Le Blay.

Driven systems and active matter

Driven binary mixtureActive Brownian particles
Two models for which we characterized the correlations: a driven binary mixture and an assembly of Active Brownian particles.

Experiment of electrophoretic Janus particles performed during a stay at Takeuchi laboratory, University of Tokyo.

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  • Universal Long Ranged Correlations in Driven Binary Mixtures; A. Poncet, O. Bénichou, V. Démery & G. Oshanin; Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, p. 118002 (2017)

Single-file systems and exclusion models

Two particles driven in opposite directions in a single-file system. Depending on the strength or the drive they remain at finite distance or separate at large time.

  • Cumulant generating functions of a tracer in quenched dense symmetric exclusion processes
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Glass transition and jamming

Localized low-energy mode
Localized low-energy mode in a packing of spheres above jamming

  • Universal non-Debye scaling in the density of states of amorphous solids; P. Charbonneau , E. Corwin , G. Parisi , A. Poncet & F. Zamponi; Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, p. 045503 (2016)